Our Company

Lerna, LLC is a five-year-old software automation development company with proprietary software that enables us to develop powerful, new machine learning technology. Our emphasis is on marketing automation, artificial intelligence, search, mapping and geolocation in all fields.

enabling dynamic
decision making

About Us

Lerna’s proprietary software combines marketing automation and machine learning principles that enables easy generalization and dynamic decision making; That is, it allows machine learning on tasks such as consumer behavior, intent, linguistics, semantics, and other factors, to be performed in real-time across a broad range of conditions and using those results to control multiple variables in real-time and at scale.

Lerna’s method involves a low footprint: the learning algorithms are shallow compared to deep learning networks, using many fewer operations to achieve very high performance thereby increasing speed and end results.

Lerna’s talented technical team of engineers and programmers are continually building and managing an array of platforms for a variety of machine learning applications across multiple fields of use with global clients in various sectors.

Lerna was founded by Josh Team, chief strategist for Keller Williams Realty, and Josh Phipps, software engineer with background in machine learning, artificial intelligence and game theory, and current CTO of Lerna.

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Lerna is based in Dallas, Texas. Please fill out our form to contact us.

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